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2018 Pink Vinyl Rosé

2018 Pink Vinyl Rosé
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This limited production, Website/Tasting Room only wine has fresh aromatics that suggest strawberries, watermelon, cranberry, blood-orange and guava wrapped around rose petals, honeysuckle and fresh squeezed tangerines. Dry and fresh but with a juicy component that begs for a second encounter.

Pink Vinyl is a nod to co-founder Jay Boberg and his decorated history in the music industry. Carlos Grasso, the longtime artist for the I.R.S. "man" Record label logo, designed this small production wine label that references how music used to be listened to; vinyl on a turntable!


After a cool March, a wet April made for a slightly later than average bud break.  Warm and dry weather thereafter made for normal bloom and veraison timing.  While summer was warm, we had no heat spikes of past years, and the grapes matured without fear of sun burn or dehydration.  Harvest gave us an absolutely perfect picking window.  Grapes gained phenological maturity, and sugar accumulation progressed with an astonishing no loss of acid.  We watched, tasted, tested and planned out our picking schedule - a luxury unknown in many vintages with looming rain or heat spikes. All vineyards were picked from the 14th of September to the 30th. For the first time, we saw almost perfect chemistry in the fruit - gorgeous ripe flavors, with ideal sugar and acid balance.  The resulting wines are dense, aromatically complex wines with linear precision and age worthy tannins.  For the first time at Nicolas-Jay we aged the wines an additional 6 months in barrel to allow the wine to coalesce and soften.