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Jay Boberg
October 12, 2019 | Jay Boberg

Harvest Report - October 12th 2019

Even though Jean-Nicolas and I came to Oregon for the temperate weather, 2019 was the first truly cool climate vintage of the six years we have crafted Nicolas Jay wines. With few days in the 90’s (and no days over 100) our summer turned to Fall providing cool days and, starting Sept 7th, some meaningful precipitation. It was a harvest that challenged winemaker’s expertise - and with Jean-Nicolas and Tracy at the helm you can imagine how much our wines benefited from their astute and experienced decisions. If 2019 was a “winemakers vintage” (like 2013) it was equally a “farmers vintage” – we are fortunate to work with great vineyards with great farming practices that supplied us fruit in pristine condition in a vintage that could have easily tilted toward rot/botrytis had the farming not been at the top of the game. This was a vintage where our “ vine to vat” protocol - where we baby the grapes off the vine into our shallow bins, on to the sorting line and into the tank - really paid dividends. As of today most of our wines are pressed and in the barrel with just a few tanks (Momtazi and Temperance Hill) left to press and get down into the cellar. Our wines will be defined by a bright acidity, lovely fruit - more raspberry and tart cherry - and a wonderful freshness. You should anticipate wonderful food wines from 2019 with low alcohol and great balance. I believe we will all be very happy drinking these wines in a few years.



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