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Jean-Nicolas Méo
June 8, 2016 | Newsletter | Jean-Nicolas Méo

Greetings from Burgundy

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to the Nicolas-Jay community, and thank you for your support.

We have now completed an almost 2 month launch tour, that spanned 5 cities and various people: consumers, wine professionals (sommeliers, retailers …), journalists … and we must have personally tasted close to 30 bottles of our Willamette Valley cuvée in various conditions. Although we gave birth to that wine, it was nonetheless a thrilling experience to see how our wine is behaving, now that it is bottled and living its own life.

The return was fantastic. Wine professionals were very supportive, even the ones that are usually quite stone-faced; but consumers' reactions were the most telling: some said how rich the wine felt, others that the structure was really impressive, that is has great fruit … And the most common question was when would be the good moment to open it?

While it is fair for us to say that we actually do not know, we gained some experience from this tour. 

At this stage, the wine has a lot of natural elegance: an aromatic nose, a velvet opening in the mouth, a rich and fruit driven but also long finish. Decanting it is useful: it helps develop the aromatics and soften the tannins in the finish. The development in the glass is the most interesting outcome of this experience: the wine has the capacity to evolve during the course of the meal and show many facets. Coming back to it is never tiring. Someone even told us that after a 5 day opening at room temperature, the wine had improved further, showing greater finesse. 

We think it indicates our wine has the capacity to show well at all stages. 

Young, it will be demonstrative and display beautiful cherry aromas, great fruit, and some structural tannins in the end. In a few years, 3 to 5 maybe, the integration will be greater, the wine will be more subdued but finer and display all the delicacy of a great Pinot Noir. In ten years, it will demonstrate how a ripe vintage from Oregon is holding up, and how seductive that kind of wine can be. In 20 years…we hope to hear what you think over a glass.

We hope you enjoy it, do not hesitate to send us your impressions.  You are a big part of the Nicolas-Jay team and community and our shared success. 

We would also like at this stage to offer you access to a limited release of our magnum format bottles of the 2014 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.  They will be available starting today through our website.  Please keep in mind when ordering wine this time of year we will be shipping ground only when weather permits.  We will be in touch if we need to hold the wine or alter shipping methods.

Warmest regards,

Jean-Nicolas Méo


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