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Jonathan Ziemba
November 15, 2017 | Jonathan Ziemba

An Exciting Harvest Comes to Close

As the filled barrels of 2017 Pinot noir are put to bed and aging in the cellar, we now have the luxury of looking back on the condensed yet lengthy harvest that has come to a close.

The four days of rain in September, along with the cooler summer that preceded it, allowed for slower ripening and a later start to picking and the longest growing season we've seen so far at Nicolas-Jay. We kept a close eye on our vineyards' progress and loved how the fruit was tasting. In late September, we found the perfect window to harvest. 

When the picking started, it was fast and furious: we harvested the majority of the 23 acres we work with in a mere eight days--a record for us. Everything had ripened at the same time, and speed was needed if we wanted healthy fruit. The work in the cellar, however, was far lengthier. We were fortunate to bring in more beautiful fruit that we anticipated this year, which translated into long days at the winery: sorting, punching down, pressing, and generally monitoring the progress of each wine once they were barreled. 

While it's too soon to make any proclamations about the 2017 wines, we can say that this year, we experienced a great harvest.

We are also excited to have barreled the first Chardonnay from our estate vineyard! We look forward to sharing news of this wine and our other cuvées in the coming months. 
- Jean-Nicolas, Jay and Tracy

Image above: Jean-Nicolas Méo, Jay Boberg and Tracy Kendall tasting in the cellar. 



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