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Tracy Kendall
August 14, 2018 | Tracy Kendall

2018 Harvest Forecast

Looking Forward to Harvest :

After a relatively moderate start to the growing season, a record-breaking run of 90+ degree days this past month has pushed us into a rapidly evolving season.  We initially estimated a harvest in late September, much like we saw in 2017, however, weather has increased the pace of development in the vineyard and we are already seeing veraison beginning with earnest in many of our earlier ripening vineyards.  Contrary to 2017, however, we are seeing more variability between our vineyards with respect to veraison: some with very advanced color change and others not quite having started.  We are hoping this means we can pick slowly and with intention during a more spread out harvest.  My best guess at this stage is that we’ll start picking around the 15th of September at our earlier sites - Nysa, Block 4 and 6 at Bishop Creek and potentially La Collina.  We are in the middle of yet another heat wave!  The great news is that fruit set looks moderate this year meaning the vines are quite in balance and we should see great concentration in the existing fruit.  We have very little disease pressure and almost no sunburn either.  Overall, I am very optimistic about the season as it’s developing and am looking forward to 2018 harvest - it’ll be here before we know it!

Tracy Kendall, Associate Winemaker

Burgundy has shifted almost directly from winter (moderately cold but very humid, in fact very Oregonian) until late march to summer in mid-April. No concern about frost this year! The vineyards jump-started. Beginning of June was tricky however: very humid and warm weather had us stay on the watch and seize every window available to spray, to avoid downy mildew to spread. A stressful moment for our new vineyard manager! Meanwhile, a bountiful harvest was mitigated by uneven fruit set, giving birth to loose and relatively small berries. The end of June and July were unusually warm… and with the unavoidable thunderstorms. They struck not far away, south of Nuits St Georges towards Premeaux where premiers crus there were severely hit. Our Nuits Perrières suffered close to 50% damage from 3 thunderstorms one week apart. But this small vineyard excepted, there was no further damage (even though the south of Vosne was also slightly hit). So this vintage will be early. We are already through color change, but it remains quite uneven and slow given the lack of rain, and we’ll probably avoid harvesting in August, but surely in the early days of September. The weather is currently cooling down, and if it remains stable, and not too extreme one way or the other, we may have a great vintage ahead!


Jean-Nicolas Méo, Winemaker


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